The Diamant Grill combines innovative design with new functionalities like no other existing charcoal grill.
Based on the millennia-old Kamado principle the Diamant Grill offers versatile cooking possibilities, precise temperature control, even heat distribution and a unique ratio of used charcoal per grilling time.

What we aspire?

We believe in a world where everybody can be a gourmet chef and live one‘s life up to the fullest.

We – the Diamant Grill® team – think that everybody has the power to influence their environment positively through their own decisions. A healthy life style, chatty cooking evenings and a versatile nutrition contribute to spread this idea.

Many people are satisfied with just putting a piece of meat on the fire place. This is just not enough for us…

We are convinced that there is a deeper connection between food and fire. The symbiosis of design and technique enables the true and unique Diamant experience.

We describe ourselves as adventurous connoisseurs who are constantly looking for new challenges, apart from the everyday life.

Our friends are foodies, but who are they? Foodies are an exalted group of people who value a balanced nutrition, experimental and adventurous recipes as well as a hedonistic life style and live the life to the fullest.

Do you believe in the same principles? Then join us and become a Diamant Grill® chef.

„I could not find the sports car of my dreams, consequently I built It myself.“

Ferdinand Porsche

Grill Made in Germany.


The Kamado principle is an ancient method of cooking which has its origin in India.

Indirektes Grillen auf dem BBQ-Grill.


Working with low temperatures maintains important nutrients and meat stays juicy and tender.


Ein BBQ Grill kann vielseitig eingesetzt werden.


Grilling, smoking, barbecueing, roasting, baking and steaming on one outdoor kitchen.

Beim Barbecue bleibt das Fleisch für einen langen Zeitraum auf dem Grill.


With the same amount of wooden charcoal the Diamant Grill can be used at least 3 times longer than ordinary grills. The massive steel ring retains the heat.

Hohe Hitze zum Grillen von Steaks.


Ultra-fast heating up: After approx. 25 min. ready for usage at high temperatures due to the funnel principle.


Genaue Temperatur mit dem BBQ-Grill.


Easy temperature control through two seperated air shafts.


Food Culture

In a constantly accelerating and interconnected
world the true virtue of our everyday life becomes time to rest – and to enjoy slowly, cosciously and naturally.

Did you recently treat yourself to something special?

Trapped in our hectic routine we do not think enough of ourselves and neglect to pursue a healthy life style. However this is the only way to get the power and energy for a successful life.

Slow cooking… means to cook and grill without watching the clock, without stress and free of any pressure. Food like vegetables are cooked gently at low temperatures over a long period of time.

As a consequence important nutrients are preserved which contribute to an active feeling of life. The healthy aspect of grilling is first of all possible through the usage of the deflector. This is one of many Diamant Grill® accessories, and likely the most important. It prevents the direct heat of the glowing
charcoal and the contact with the open fire. It is the perfect tool for slow cooking. The food culture of the Diamant Grill® is no short term trend. It‘s your personal decision for your future.

BBQ Grill als Design-Element im Garten.

With the Diamant Grill® you will be the owner of an oasis like that. escape from your DAILY routine and experience unique moments. EXPLORE A holiday resort hidden directly in your garden – At any time of the year.


The Different cooking Methods

Extraordinary Versatility through precise Temperature control. Discover the endless possibilities of food preparation.

Beim Barbecue wird das Fleisch besonders langsam zubereitet.

Low & slow

Pure flavour! That‘s the way to prepare meat like a pro. Through cooking at low temperature your roastbeef, spare ribs, pulled pork and poultry become incomparable juicy and tender. The meat is cooked slowly and gently between 95°C and 145°C over a period of 3 up to 24 hours. Hence it has enough time to absorb the intensive flavours of the smoking wood chips. The supreme discipline of BBQ.

Steak grillen auf dem Diamant Grill.

Grilling & Roasting

Quick and easy! Give your steaks, burgers, sausages, fish and chicken breast the unique branding from a cast iron grid. With the Diamant Grill® you transfer your perfectly marbled steak into a modern „Chef d´ouvre“.

Beim indirekten Grillen wird die direkte Hitze der Kohle verhindert.

Indirect Cooking

The Heat Deflector is the most important accessory to turn your Diamant Grill® into an entire professional kitchen. Placed between the hot charcoal and your food the deflector protects your meals from the intensive direct heat. A hot air flow is being created under the lid which ensures an even heat like in a convection oven and allows versatile cooking possibilities.

Der Diamant Grill ist ein idealer Smoker.


Refine your flavour creations with completely new nuances. Different smoking woods give your food a subtle taste of smoke and intensify the flavour experience. Whether for fish, meat or vegetables. Every kind of wood has a special taste and the possibilities of combinations are numerous.

Backen auf dem Grill mit einem Backstein.


Bake pizza, bread, cakes and pies on your Diamant Grill®. The even heat under the lid and the baking stone make a true charcoalfired stone baking oven out of your barbecue grill.

Lachs grillen auf dem Diamant Grill.


Cook your vegetables, pasta and salmon in the mild steam of boiling water. The heat deflector has incorporated water tubs that are placed over the hot charcoal. As a result the important vitamins and nutritions are preserved and you can serve your colourful vegetables.

kamado fascination

The origin of the first kamado cookers and grills has been detected 3000 years ago. cooking vessels made of clay have been used in the ancient chinese culture.

The kamado way of cooking spread over the world and became particularly popular in japan in combination with an additive dome lid.

This new extraordinary cooking device has been named “mushikamado” with the short version kamado meaning a stove or cooking range.

The versatile applicable grill is defined through the functionality of controlling the air stream and thus the heat control through a system of dampers.

Widely spread are kamado grills made of ceramics in order to retain the heat for hours. unfortunately those ceramics are rather porous due to their naturalness and are easy to break.

As a result we conceived a kamado made of the best and most robust stainless steel combined with a massive steel core in order to store the heat constantly.

The Garden: Place of self-realisation

Long before mankind euphemised landscapes through poetry and art first gardens have been creat ed.

Nature was tamed already in the early Egypt and Orient and turned into blooming landscapes dedicated to kings and Pharaohs.

The meaning derives from the original Indo-European word “ghorto” which means enclosed and protected place. Likewise the word garden symbolises the Persian word “pairidaeza” which is the spring of the modern notion paradise.

Gardens embody protected oases or different realities patronising us from the threats of the outside world.

Moreover gardens are peaceful places where nature is predictable and defeated. An enclave where men dictate and rule.

Spare time, communality, sociability and personal experiences shape our memories related to gardens.

Desires for harmony and aesthetics awake the power of self-actualization in everybody feeling familiar in his garden.

The garden becomes the center of our private life and destination of the Diamant Grill®.

The Diamant Grill combines the features of the classic Kamado-Cooking with a new perfection of design being both natural and geometric.

Peter Hülle, Head of the Technical Product Development at Neumärker

Design vs. Functio­­nality

What makes a product a cult? This was the first question occurring while creating the Diamant Grill®. We believe that a cult product consists of more than just mere functionality. A cult is made out of a product if it overcomes the threat of being a fad, creating a strong basis of supporters with an own community and persists in a fast moving world in comparison to common trends.

In our point of view the only way to this goal is to create something with a special design, a reliable functionality and a superior brand goal.

The Diamant Grill® as an exclusive and special ambiance creating lifestyle object possess the precondition to achieve the status of a cult product.


This old saying is still valid. Nowadays, however, it is important to have a balanced ratio of form and functionality in order to create a product which excites.

Be ready to be inspired!

The Technology

Grill Surface

Ø 64 cm

Time to heat up 0° – 130°c

approx. 15 Min.

Time to heat up 0° – 250°c

approx. 25 Min.

High Baking Temperature
Ideal for baking pizza

> 400°C

Maximum RunTime
Runtime with one batch of charcoal 
(depending on charcoal quality and grill temperature)

up to 48 hours

  1. The air gets into the firebox through the doublewalled
    stainless steel body
  2. On the fire grid the charcoal is provided with a steady
    stream of fresh air
  3. The optional deflector plate is a great accessory that
    protects your food from the heat of the charcoal and
    the direct fire for even cooking results
  4. There is an even ventilation of hot air under the dome
    where you can cook your food easily


Constant temperature up to 48 hours with only one charcoal filling. Due to the minimal air stream the charcoal is constantly glowing the whole runtime at the required temperature.


Ultra fast heating-up time: In 15 minutes at constant 130°C, after only approx. 25 min. ready for operation at high temperatures (dependent on used charcoal and humidity) due to the funnel principle.

The grill

Die Seitenablagen des Grills bieten Ablagefläche. 

Diamant Flügel

Die ideale Abstellfläche für Teller und Grillwerkzeug, auf einer Ebene mit der Grillfläche, vereinfacht das Bestücken des Grills und die...
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Die Fassung des Diamant Grills dient als stabiles Untergestell. 

Diamant Fassung

Die stabile Diamant Fassung sorgt für einen sicheren Stand des Diamant Grill®s. Die Oberfläche ist mit einer schwarzen Pulverbeschichtung veredelt....
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Der Diamant Grill verbindet Design und Funktionalität. 

Diamant Grill®

Der Diamant Grill® aus hochwertigem Edelstahl ist durch seine einfache Anwendung und die großzügige Grillfläche von 64 cm Durchmesser die...
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the thIngs whIch are possessed by everyone create no dreams. only the thIngs that excIte and stand out evoKe our deepest desIre.


Rostheber für Edelstahlrost. 


Für die einfache, schnelle und sichere Entnahme des Diamant Grill® Chromstahlrostes. Gleichzeitig können mit dem praktischen Tool die Kohlen im...
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Für den Transport besitzt der Diamant Grill stabile Outdoor-Rollen. 

Outdoor Rollensatz

• 4 Lenkrollen à Ø 100 x 32 mm • mit 2 Feststellbremsen • Edelstahl • Vollgummiräder • Gleitlager •...
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Der Gussrost speichert die Hitze perfekt. 

Halber Grillrost aus Gusseisen

Massiver gusseiserner Rost für ein perfektes Branding. Durch die Stärke von 15 mm speichert dieser schwere Rost die Hitze ideal...
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Hitze Deflektor für Grillen mit indirekter Hitze. 


Dies ist das wichtigste Accessoire, um ihren Diamant Grill® in eine vollständige Profi küche zu verwandeln. Der Deflektor aus einfach zu...
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